Mini Drone for Beginners

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drone with camera 4k

1080 HD Camera: The drone adopts a 120°wide-angle, 90°adjustable HD camera design, which provides high-resolution pictures and captures the perfect picture; posing to the camera, you can take automatically generated photos and videos, and immediately Share with friends on social media.

Better Flying Experience: Three batteries provide you with a 30-minute flight experience(About 10 minutes per battery), which can provide you with a longer flight time. Functions such as altitude hold, headless mode, one-button take-off/landing and speed adjustment make it easy for beginners or novices to get started. If you want to fly continuously for a longer period of time, you can bring our solar power bank from our store to charge at any time.

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Thoughtful Design: This drone comes with a carrying case and a foldable body design for easy storage, making it more portable for outdoor travel, and weighs about 60g.It can even fit in your pocket after being folded, while other drones take up at least half of the backpack space.

Smart and Fun: Gesture control makes selfies so easy. Just raise your hand or make a V gesture, and the drone will take pictures and videos; draw a path on the phone screen, and the drone will automatically fly along the route you set.

Tips: This mini drone is suitable for beginners or teenagers over 14 years old as a toy. It is not suitable for professional aerial photography enthusiasts. In addition, the overall functions of this drone cannot be compared with expensive drones. It is not recommended to choose this drone for customers who have high requirements.This is the best choice for drone beginners or kids' toy gifts.

Brand Story

HouDeOS is a professional outdoor drone design brand. The HouDeOS team focuses on the research of drone products, always putting the user's flying experience first, paying attention to the detailed design of the product, so that customers can use better quality and functions. A more user-friendly drone.

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Features of Mini Drone:

1. The drone's arms are foldable, small size and easy to carry.
2. With altitude holding mode, and the flight is stable.
3. Easy to control after rotating with headless mode.
4. Using the one-key return function, you can easily find the take-off location.
5. With WiFi function, it can be connected to applications and APK systems, and take pictures, video, and real-time transmission through mobile phone camera images.
6. Draw a flight path on the screen, and the drone will fly autonomously along the specified path.
7. Four channels, capable of ascent, descent, forward, backward, left flight, right flight and 360°rolling.

HouDeOS mini drone 360-roll
8. The six-axis gyroscope makes the flight more stable and the control more convenient.
9. Flight function: Up / Down, Forward / Back, Left / Right Turn, Side Flight, LED Light, Headless Mode, One-button Auto Return, Altitude Hold Mode, 360°Rolling, WiFi FPV.

Important Remind

1. In order for you to operate this drone more easily, skillfully and safely, please read the instruction manual carefully before using this mini drone to avoid damage to the product due to improper operation.
2. This mini drone is designed with a gyroscope and can fly in a small space or indoors. If flying outdoors, please use it in an environment where the wind is below level 4.
3. Please practice the operation in an open place within 10 meters to avoid losing the drone after flying too far.
4. When flying, try to avoid hitting obstacles. If the aircraft collides with an obstacle, please pull the left throttle stick down to the end in time to stop the aircraft from rotating to avoid damage caused by constant impact.
5. When replacing the drone propeller, pay attention to the letters A and B on the propeller, and don’t install them backwards.
6. When the drone flies lower and lower, and the lights are flashing, the battery power is insufficient. At this time, you need to charge or replace the battery of the drone.
7. Phone connection: Please download the APP first according to the manual. After turning on the aircraft, the mobile phone enters the setting interface to connect to the drone's WIFI (no password is required), and then enter the APP to see the real-time picture taken by the camera. Novices are advised to use the remote control to familiarize themselves with the operation, and then use the APP to operate the drone.

Mini Quadcopter HouDeOS

Important preparations before take-off:

1. Connect the remote control to the drone:Place the drone with the battery on a level surface, first turn on the drone switch, and then start the remote control switch, when the drone’s LED light flashes quickly, push the left joystick of the remote control to the highest point, and then pull it At the lowest point, the remote controller emits a beep sound at this time, indicating that the connection between the drone and the remote controller is completed, and the LED light of the drone is always on.
2. Adjust the drone: After the drone and the remote control are connected, move the right joystick to the bottom right and the left joystick to the bottom left (the left and right joysticks need to be performed at the same time), the remote control emits a beep, and there is no one at this time. The machine’s LED light changes from flashing to steady on, indicating that the calibration is successful. Start your flying experience.

Product Information

HouDeOS Portable Mini Drone

Product name: Folding mini drone
Model: LS-XT6
Flight performance: Flight time is about 10 minutes each battery.
Low speed: 2 meters per second
Medium speed: 4 meters per second
High speed: 7 meters per second
Lens parameters: 1080P/720P dual camera 120°super wide-angle shooting.
Use battery: Body battery: 3.7v 500mAh lithium battery.
Remote control battery: AAA battery *3
way to control: Handle remote control, mobile phone remote control.
Charging time: About 60 minutes
Charging requirement: 5V/1A or 5V/2A adapter, Do Not use charger over 5V and fast charging is prohibited.
Remote control distance: About 80-100 meters
Wind resistance level: Not more than level 4
Package Includes: Drone*1, Remote control*1, Battery*3, Fan blade*6, Protective ring*4, Screwdriver*1, USB cable*1, Manual*2.