Mini Drone with 38 Dynamic Color Flashing Lights

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Brand Story
HouDeOS is a professional outdoor drone design brand. The HouDeOS team focuses on the research of drone products, always putting the user's flying experience first, paying attention to the detailed design of the product, so that customers can use better quality and functions. A more user-friendly drone.
HD Cameras: Front 720P camera, 480P camera installed at the bottom, wider shooting range, bringing you a better shooting experience.
Foldable Drone: The product size is 11.5*11.5*4CM, and the weight is 53g, which is more convenient to carry.
Automatic Beauty: The camera comes with a beautifying function, the above photos are the effect of before and after beautification.
50x Zoom: 50 times focal length adjustment, you can easily capture the distant view.
Gravity Sensor: You can control the drone flight trajectory by swinging the direction of your phone.
Gesture Photo and Video: Gesture control makes selfies so easy, just raise your hand or make a V gesture, and the drone will take pictures and videos.
Keep Height: Intelligent hovering system, automatically maintain the height, anti-shake, more stable shooting.
Follow Shooting Mode: The drone can automatically follow you and take pictures automatically, allowing you to enjoy the fun of taking pictures.
One-Click control: You can use the remote control to control the drone to return or take off and land with one button, which is convenient and simple.
Designated Trajectory, Automatic Flight: Draw a path on the phone screen, and the drone will automatically fly along the route you set.
360 Degree Flip: One-button operation, the drone automatically flips in the air, fun and fun.
Product Information
Product name: Folding aerial drone
Model: LS-878
Size: 11.5*11.5*4 CM
Simple Drone Weight: 53g
Flight System: Smart hover system
Camera: Front720 px camera/Bottom 480p camera
Remote Control Battery: AA battery*2, Need to buy by yourself
Battery Parameters: 3.7V 650mAh battery
Battery Life: About 10 minutes per battery
Flying Distance: About 80-100 meters
Charging Time: About 45 minutes
Charging Method: Phone charger or computer USB port
Age of Use: Over 14 years old
Camera Angle: 45-120 degrees
Receive Frequency: 2.4G
Picture Transmission Signal: WiFi
Exterior: Folding quadcopter
Package Includes: Drone*1 Remote control*1 Battery*2 Fan blade*4 Protective ring*4 Screwdriver*1 USB cable*1 Manual*1