Dual HD Camera Foldable Drone

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【HD Camera】The drone adopts a 120°wide-angle and 90°adjustable HD camera design, which provides high-resolution pictures and captures the perfect picture; posing to the camera, you can take automatically generated photos and videos, and immediately Share with friends on social media.
Dual Cameras: Front and bottom HD Cameras, wider shooting range, bringing you a better shooting experience.

HouDeOS Drone 4k dual HD camera

【Better Flying Experience】Three batteries provide you with a 30-minute flight experience, which can provide you with a longer flight time. Functions such as altitude hold, headless mode, one-button take-off/landing and speed adjustment make it easy for beginners or novices to get started.

【Thoughtful Design】This drone comes with a carrying case and a foldable body design for easy storage, making it more portable for outdoor travel. 

Foldable Drone: The folded size is 150*120*55mm, and the net weight is 92g, which is more convenient to carry.

HouDeOS Folding portable Drone 4k dual HD camera

【Smart and Fun】Gesture control makes selfies so easy. Just raise your hand or make a V gesture, and the drone will take pictures and videos; draw a path on the phone screen, and the drone will automatically fly along the route you set.

Folding portable drone with gesture camera function

【Customer Service】This may be your first drone. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the functions of drones taking pictures, take-off, landing, general maintenance and repairs. In addition, our products are equipped with detailed English operating instructions, which can help you out. 

One-key control: You can use the remote control to control the drone to return or take off and land with one button, which is convenient and simple.

Automatic Beauty: The camera comes with a beautifying function.

Mobile phone remote control folding portable drone with beauty camera function

Gravity Sensor: You can control the drone flight trajectory by swinging the direction of your phone.

Keep Height: Intelligent hovering system, automatically maintain the height, anti-shake, more stable shooting

Follow Shooting Mode: The drone can automatically follow you and take pictures automatically, allowing you to enjoy the fun of taking pictures.

Mobile phone remote control folding portable drone with automatic follow-up function
We provide a three-year warranty service for product quality issues. For damage caused during use, you can contact us to purchase accessories at a relatively affordable cost.
If the replacement parts cannot be solved, you can send it back to our local service address for repair or repurchase at a discount of more than 50% or provide you with other solutions.
Attentive service, customer satisfaction is our service tenet, no matter how long you have purchased.
The product seems to be pretty good, but when will I receive it?
A: If you are in the US, it is recommended that you buy 3 BATTERIES, which will be delivered within 2-5 business days, and other options will be delivered in 7-17 business days.


1. This drone is suitable for beginners or teenagers as a toy. Not suitable for professional aerial photography enthusiasts. If you have more professional needs for flying and shooting, you can buy other models of drones with GPS positioning in our shop.
2. It is recommended that beginners can buy this entry-level drone, which is cost-effective, and will not cause you major losses even if the crash is caused by a mistake.
3. In order to protect the propeller of the drone, the propeller protection rings must be installed before use to avoid damage to the propeller.
4. You must read the manual first, understand the corresponding function of each button on the remote control before trying to fly. If you are flying for the first time, we recommend that you practice in an open place.
5. Spacious space away from obstacles, crowds or pets are preferred.
6. Please keep the UAV in line of sight and away from obstacles, high-voltage cables, trees and people during the flight.
7. Do not fly in extreme environments such as strong wind, heavy rain or snow.