HD Camera Foldable Drone

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  • Larger than the same price, the power is stronger, so the flight is more stable and more suitable for beginners to operate.

drones for kids, HouDeOS

  • 1080P HD CAMERA: The drone adopts a 1080p camera design, you can adjust the angle of the camera up and down through the remote control, so you can take perfect photos or videos.
  • BETTER FLIGHT EXPERIENCE: The drone contains two batteries, which provide you with a total flight time of about 30 minutes. Functions such as altitude hold,trajectory flight,headless mode,one-button take-off and landing,speed adjustment,360°flip,etc.,allow beginners to practice easily at a lower cost.
  • LIGHT and PORTABLE: This drone is packed in a portable storage box, with a four-axis foldable design for easy storage and weighs about 134g,making it more portable for outdoor travel.When unfolded, it is a very strong drone.
  • SMART and FUN: Gesture control makes selfies so easy. Just raise your hand or make a V gesture, and the drone will take pictures and videos; draw a path on the phone screen, and the drone will automatically fly along the route you set.

drone with camera 4k, HouDeOS

Brand Story
HouDeOS is a professional outdoor drone design brand. The HouDeOS team focuses on the research of drone products, always putting the user's flying experience first, paying attention to the detailed design of the product, so that customers can use better quality and functions. A more user-friendly drone.

Features of this Drone:

HouDeOS fpv drone

1. The drone's arms are foldable and easy to carry.
2. With altitude holding mode, and the flight is stable.
3. In headless mode, there is no need to adjust the position of the drone before flying.
4. With WiFi function, it can be connected to applications and APK systems, and take pictures, video, and real-time transmission through mobile phone camera images.
5. Draw a flight path on the screen, and the drone will fly autonomously along the specified path.
6. Four channels, capable of ascent, descent, forward, backward, left flight, right flight and 360°rolling.
7. The six-axis gyroscope makes the flight more stable and the control more convenient.
8.There are 8 LED night lights installed on the drone. After starting, the drone will emit beautiful lights, especially when flying in the dark night sky, which is more beautiful. At the same time, you can quickly confirm the location of the drone.

drones for adults with cameras, HouDeOS

1. This drone is suitable for beginners or teenagers as a toy. Not suitable for professional aerial photography enthusiasts.
2. It is recommended that beginners can buy this entry-level drone, which is cost-effective, and will not cause you major losses even if the crash is caused by a mistake.
3. In order to protect the propeller of the drone, the propeller protection rings must be installed before use to avoid damage to the propeller.
4. You must read the manual first, understand the corresponding function of each button on the remote control before trying to fly. If you are flying for the first time, we recommend that you practice in an open place.
5. Spacious space away from obstacles, crowds or pets are preferred.
6. Please keep the UAV in line of sight and away from obstacles, high-voltage cables, trees and people during the flight.
7. Do not fly in extreme environments such as strong wind, heavy rain or snow.

Larger than the same price, the power is stronger, so the flight is more stable and more suitable for beginners to operate

The product seems to be pretty good, but when will I receive it?
A: When you are in the United States, Japan, Canada, Germany and Italy, this product will be shipped from your country and delivered to you within 2-7 working days.