5G GPS 6K Drone

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  • EASY to USE with GPS: Because GPS is installed, functions such as altitude hold, headless mode, one-button take-off/landing and speed adjustment make it easy for beginners or novices to get started.
HouDeOS LSRC-38 5G GPS 6K Drone
  • DUAL 6K HD CAMERA: The drone adopts a 120°wide-angle and 90°adjustable 6K HD camera design, which provides wider shooting range, high-resolution pictures and captures the perfect picture.
  • WIND RESISTANCE LEVEL 6: We have made a level 6 wind resistance design to give you a better flying experience.
  • 1000METRE REMOTE CONTROL: The longest remote control distance can be up to 800 meters. The screen can be transmitted to the smart phone in real time, and you can record video and take photos at any time during the flight.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: Two batteries provide you with a 56-minute flight experience, which can provide you with a longer flight time. Return to starting point is activated automatically through the GPS positioning when the battery is low. (Charging times is about 40 minutes)

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Brand Story
HouDeOS is a professional outdoor drone design brand. The HouDeOS team focuses on the research of drone products, always putting the user's flying experience first, paying attention to the detailed design of the product, so that customers can use better quality and functions. A more user-friendly drone.

5G GPS Drone with Brushless Motor and Dual 4K HD Cameras with EIS Anti Shake

Easy to Use with GPS: Do not worry about losing the drone with GPS positioning, it can return home whenever it runs out of power or loses connection in the GPS mode or you press one key return. It gives the drone stable hovering indoors and outdoors. Because GPS is installed, functions such as altitude hold, headless mode, one-button take-off/landing and speed adjustment make it easy for beginners or novices to get started.
Environmentally friendly:Both the machine and the remote control use rechargeable batteries. We have increased the use of biodegradable materials and reduced the disposable plastic used in packaging. We are always working hard for the environment.

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Smart and Fun: Gesture control makes selfies so easy. Just raise your hand or make a V gesture, and the drone will take pictures and videos; draw a path on the phone screen, and the drone will automatically fly along the route you set.
Foldable Drone: The folded size is 165*125*55mm, and the net weight is 265g. This drone comes with a carrying case and a foldable body design for easy storage, making it more portable for outdoor travel.

HouDeOS LSRC-38 4K GPS Drone
One-key control: You can use the remote control to control the drone to return or take off and land with one button, which is convenient and simple.
Gravity Sensor: You can control the drone flight trajectory by swinging the direction of your phone.
Keep Height: Intelligent hovering system, automatically maintain the height, anti-shake, more stable shooting.
Package Includes: Drone*1, Remote control*1, Battery*2, Storage bag*1, Spare propeller set*2, Protective ring*4, Screwdriver*1, USB cable*1, Manual*1.

HouDeOS Drone Real-time Transmission of Pictures and Videos,Altitude Hold,Trajectory Flight,Smart Follow Me

1. However, we do not recommend that you fly any drones under winds of more than level 5 unless you have very rich experience in drone flying. Because its battery life is shortened and it also requires better remote control skills, which is the same as just learning to ride a bicycle and not suitable for uphill.
2. You must read the manual first, understand the corresponding function of each button on the remote control before trying to fly. If you are flying for the first time, we recommend that you practice in an open place and keep the drone within 10 meters.
3. Spacious space away from obstacles, crowds or pets are preferred.
4. Please keep the UAV in line of sight and away from obstacles, high-voltage cables, trees and people during the flight.
5. Do not fly in extreme environments such as strong wind, heavy rain or snow.
6. When the battery is low, it will return home automatically and be restricted within 30 meters.
7. Start your flying life. Have a pleasant flight time!

5G GPS 4K Drone HouDeOS LS38

The product seems to be pretty good, but when will I receive it?
A: This product ships from the United States and is delivered in the United States only, with a delivery time of 2-5 business days.