UFO Quadcopter Toy, Mini Drone

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Are you ready for Christmas presents?

Here it is.
toy,Christmas bag and greeting card are ready for you
Christmas bag and greeting card are ready for you,  and the following UFO toy which is a good gift for both adults and children to play.

Remote Control & Induction mode: In the Induction mode, it can fly automatically by throwing it lightly, and it can split obstacles (except for narrow spaces or transparent obstacles such as glass). It’s funny, when your hand is close, it will fly in the opposite direction. A multifunctional remote control can controll the drone speed, rolling and the light. It's like remotely controlling a mini drone.
HouDeOS mini UFO drone toy with Remote Control & Gesture Control

Multiple Functions Drone: It can be used as an Entry-level drone toy with Multiple Functions such as Headless mode, one-button take-off and landing, 360° rotation, colored lights, speed adjustment for beginners to experience the excitement of flying.
HouDeOS mini ufo Multiple Functions Drone

Safe Flying Toy: This flying toy is designed with high-quality harmless ABS material, which is very light and anti-collision. In addition, there are 5 infrared sensors installed around the drone. When using the gesture mode, it can not only prevent the toy from being hurt your kids,and it can also avoid hitting surrounding obstacles, so this is a very safe drone toy. You don't have to worry about your kids being injured by a collision.
Safe Flying Toy, HouDeOS mini drone

Quality Assurance: It can fly continuously for about 8 minutes every 40 minutes of charging. This product is made of high-quality ABS material, which is soft, flexible, and drop-resistant.

Bright and Beautiful Lights: This flying drone has red, blue and green LED lights. When playing at night, the drone emits beautiful lights, and the kids will be happier.
An Amazing Toy brilliant led light projecton dream color, HouDeOS Quadcopter toy

360° Flip Function: The most amazing feature of the UFO flying drone toy is that it can achieve 360° flip fly. The drone can flip at 4 directions: forward/ backward/ leftward/ rightward. The flying drone also has three speed modes: high, medium and low.

HouDeOS drone toy 360° Flip Function & Hovering Flight & Altitude Hold

Hovering Flight & Altitude Hold: Altitude maintenance enables the drone to hover automatically. Locking the flight altitude makes it easier to control the flight.

Brand Story

drones for kids, HouDeOS Christmas gifts

HouDeOS is a professional outdoor drone design brand. The HouDeOS team focuses on the research of drone products, always putting the user's flying experience first, paying attention to the detailed design of the product, so that customers can use better quality and functions and more user-friendly drone.

In order to ensure that you can purchase genuine HouDeOS UFO drones, please look for the brand LOGO to avoid being deceived.

Are you still looking for a special gift for your kids ?

Here it is.
Loved by kids.

Kids birthday party gifts and perfect Christmas gifts for boys and girls of all ages. HouDeOS Mini UFO Drone
A Great Gift for Kids: This UFO flying ball is one of the most popular toys for boys and girls. It is very suitable for your kids as birthday gifts or Christmas gifts and so on. At the same time, this is a very interesting parent-child interactive toy that can enhance the relationship between kids and you.

Choose HouDeOS and Experience a Different Flying Life.

How to play the UFO mini drone?
1. Find a place with few obstacles to avoid damage.
2. Press and hold the black ON/OFF button for two seconds until the top indicator flashes.
3. Use the remote control to calibrate the drone according to the instructions in the manual.
4. Play the drone by remote control or Induction mode.
5. The battery is low voltage when the red indicator light blinks. The UFO aircraft will land automatically.

Package Includes:

1x Mini UFO Quadcopter toy
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual
1x Remote Control
1x Christmas Bags (27cm * 21cm * 11cm, 10.6" * 8.3" * 4.3")
1x Greeting Cards (18.5cm * 13cm, 7.3" * 5.1")

product information:

Remote control distance: 20*20 meters
Weight: 33g
Use Age:4 years old and up
Flight Time: About 8 minutes
Charging Time: About 40 minutes
Drone Battery: Rechargeable 3.7V 300 mAh Lithium Battery.

Mini UFO Drone For children & beginners

Q: Why the life time of this drone is only 5-8 minutes?

A: The current drone battery life is a result of comprehensive consideration of battery life, cost, portability, practicability, and stability. The main influencing factors are: the number of motor shafts, motor speed, load, battery voltage, and signal. When considering drone in the case of performance and cost, sacrificing the endurance of the drone is a more reasonable and appropriate choice. At the same time, the child will not be too addicted. Every day there is a small expectation that the child will remain interested in this toy for a long time. So if you are more concerned about this battery life issue, please carefully consider whether you need to buy it.


1.It cannot avoid transparent objects because it uses infrared sensing technology.
2. Keep the toy fully charged before first time to use it.
3. The battery is low when the LED light stays red, please charge it immediately.
4. Do not use the drone in cramped or cluttered places, keep your hands and hair away from the moving parts of the drone.
5. Avoid exposure to the drone, and do not fly this product in strong wind or rain.
6. HouDeOS is committed to providing customers with safe products. We have done a complete quality inspection for all products to ensure the safe and healthy use of our customers.
HouDeOS is committed to providing customers with safe products and have done a complete quality inspection for all products